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LNG terminal coming up-III: TImeslines
Dec 21: The following timelines have been set for the project
81st phase: 6 months after all statutory permissions.
8Dredging Services: 10 months through cutter suction dredgers, simultaneously after  EC approval.
8Total project commissioning: 16 Months after the start of construction work.
The following is the cost segregation of the project:
8Floating assets - Rs 1950 crore
8Land and land development - Rs10 crore
8Dredging - Rs 200 crores
8Shore Protection - Rs 120 crore
8Berth Construction - Rs 100 crore
8Marine equipments-topsides - Rs 100 crore
8Onshore civil, pipelines, services & utilities - Rs 100 crore
8Preliminary & pre-operative - Rs 100 crore
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