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Indian LNG market: Make the most of low prices
Dec 21: Another paper recently made the following points on the Indian LNG market
8The world is offering a minimum of five years cheap LNG – access it now
8The US will offer long term cheaper LNG – build on the GAIL portfolio position
8LNG is inherently fungible – use the flexibility to manage risk, not trade for gain
8Prioritize the infra to import LNG and distribute re-gasified LNG
8FSRUs and the use of LNG for power projects will help, but connections to the grids are still critical
8The long term US-sourced LNG price will stimulate domestic E&P
8Renewable energy will be slow in its penetration and the stimulus to the economy through the use of gas can be more effective
8State enterprises need to be aligned along common objectives with domestic focus
8Above all, markets should be allowed to decide for themselves and they should be allowed to operate with limited intervention
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