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Breakneck petrochemical expansion in the Gulf: Indian players need to keep watch
Dec 19: Indian petrochemical players need to keep an eye on the breakneck expansion of capacity undertaken by companies such as Adnoc of UAE and Saudi Aramco of Saudi Arabia
8Adnoc plans to almost triple its petrochemical production to an annual 11.4mn tonnes by 2025 from 4.5mn tonnes at present.
8Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco also aims to almost triple its chemicals production to 34mn metric tonnes per year by 2030, a senior company executive said.
8Over the same period, Saudi Aramco’s global refining capacity is set to rise up to 10mn bpd from more than five million bpd currently.
8Saudi Aramco has been integrating its refineries with petrochemical infrastructure as it develops its downstream business and expands its trading of refined products.
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