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Big onland IOR-EOR programme-II: Immediate production phase requirements
Dec 19: An immediate business development opportunity has arisen from moving wells from drilling to the production phase.
The are requirements for well logging, casing, cementing and perforation:
8Casing: Conductor Casing, Surface Casing, Production Casing
8Down hole Pressure Sensors
8Drill String:- Consists of Drill Pipe, Heavy Collar, Stabilizer, and Drill Bit
8Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Evaluation: Chemical Injection, Gas Injection, and
8Thermal fluid injection
8Electric Submersible Pump
8Gas Lift
8Hydraulic Pump
8Perforated Liner
8Perforated Pipe
8Perforating Gun
8Pump jack
8Safety/Fire Equipment: Extinguisher, First Aid, First Responders
8Solar Panel- Energy / Power for Monitoring Equipment
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