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Hydraulic fracturing: The ugly side
Dec 16: If you are interested in hydraulic fracturing, the website carries here a comprehensive report that highlights not just the technical aspects but also the impact of the such activity on the environment, and particularly to groundwater resources.
8The study has particular significance for India where water shortage is rampant
8The following problems have been noticed in hydraulic fracturing in the latest set of scientific assessments
8Spills during the management of hydraulic fracturing fluids and chemicals or produced water that result in large volumes or high concentrations of chemicals reaching groundwater re-
8Injection of hydraulic fracturing fluids into wells with inadequate mechanical integrity allows allowing gases or liquids to move to groundwater resources
8Discharge of inadequately treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater to surface water resources, and
8Disposal or storage of hydraulic fracturing wastewater in unlined pits, resulting in contamination of groundwater resources.
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