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Alphageo: Staring at a bright future
Dec 14: Alphageo (India) Ltd is a seismic survey services provider in the E&P sector in India and even as the outlook for the sector remains dim, this company seems to be doing well.
8The company is involved in the design and preplanning of 2D and 3D surveys, seismic data acquisition in 2D and 3D, seismic data processing and reprocessing/special processing, seismic data interpretation, generation, evaluation, and ranking of prospects, reservoir data acquisition and reservoir analysis.
8This is a tough business to be in, but Alphageo seems be forging ahead.
8As on 30th Sept 2016, the outstanding order book of Alphageo was Rs. 1523 crore (to be completed by Oct 2019).
8The company is the largest player in this space and a large order book puts it in a comfortable position over the next 2-3 years.
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