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India ranks poorly in E&P investment destination study-I: Time for introspection
Dec 12: It is always good for all of us to pause and do a bit of self introspection. It calms down both the body and the soul.
8The fact that India continued to rank poorly as an investment destination in the newly released 10th annual survey of petroleum sector executives around the world carried out by a prestigious non-profit global institute is probably as good a time as any for some serious self introspection.
8The survey identifies countries with the greatest barriers to investments in the oil & gas industry. The survey is confined to the oil & gas executives in the upstream sector. The jurisdictions included in this year’s survey comprise 66 percent of global oil and gas reserves and 75 percent of global oil and gas production.
8India is placed 30th among 36 countries with "medium reserve holdings" in terms of policy perception in the global survey.
8Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and even Pakistan come before India
8Among Asian countries included in the survey, India is in the absolute bottom. Only Bangladesh ranks below us
8China's Perception Index is at 65.80 while India's is way down at 49.77
8Among 100 countries overall, India is placed at 80.
8Yes, we have gained 3 points in the index in 2016 over 2015, from 46.58 to 49.77 but we have not recovered from the high of 59.95 achieved in 2013. In 2014, India's perception index fell precipitously to 41.18 points and while it recovered 10 points in the interim until 2016, it never really made up for the body blow felt in 2014.
8A lot more needs to be done by the policy makers before India can be taken as a serious investment destination by the global E&P community.
8In the midst of all the hype about our prowess, we need to take into cognizance what the world community really thinks of us and why
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