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India ranks poorly in E&P investment destination study-II: Policy reforms change perceptions, albeit marginally
Dec 12: There can always be an argument that global perceptions are formed over many years and the Modi government cannot change such perceptions in the short period of time it has been in power.
8And the new government's impact was indeed felt in the policy perception index.
8There was a good 10 point jump in the index over the last two years.
8The point to note however is that 2016 saw a lot of traction on the E&P policy front in India.
8And yet, India was down on the policy perception index this year. We scored 49.71 points in 2016 as against 50.17 in 2015.
8Other Asian countries didn't do well too in 2016 compared to 2015, there was a slight dipping for everyone in 2016 over 2015.
8But the point to note is that we supposedly made a big push this year, with new policies, but clearly this wasn't reflected in the index.
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