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India ranks poorly in E&P investment destination study-III: Why is our ranking low
Dec 12: Why is the general perception on India so poor?
8The survey quotes one of the respondent as saying, "“Getting environmental clearance can be a prolonged process. Even after getting environmental permission, there can be nasty surprises.
8Decisions within the bureaucracy can also be a long, drawn-out procedure.”
8India's lower score is on account of negative perceptions on the policy front.
8The fiscal terms in India are considered to be a big deterrent but it is a lower deterrent in Pakistan. Even China does not score well in this index and fiscal terms are seen to be as big a deterrent in China as they are in India,
8Then again, India's taxation burden is seen to be considerably larger than Pakistan but China's burden is seen as much higher
8Then how does China make a higher score than India?
8China's environmental licensing norms are seen to be much less cumbersome. Pakistan too scores higher than India on this count.
8There are also more respondents not wanting to investment in India than in China or Pakistan as a result of uncertainties in interpretation and implementation of policies.
8The cost of regulatory compliance too is seen to be much higher in India and is seen as a big deterrent than in other countries
8Trade barriers however are a lesser of deterrent in India than in China or Pakistan
8Surprisingly, we are less of a deterrent on labour regulations than China or Pakistan and we are higher up on the ladder on this count than quite a few countries
8Our quality of infrastructure too is less of problem than Pakistan's.
8India is high up on labour availability and skills but we rank lower in terms of our quality of geological database.
8We are also ahead of others in terms of political stability despite our fractious politics
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