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Multi-cargo captive jetty-II: RFQs by March, 2017
Dec 12: The RFQ’s for the following equipment is expected to be floated from March, 2017:
8Storage tanks:3 x 1,90,000 m3 tanks
8Return gas blower, centrifugal – 18T/hr
8BOG compressors – 3 nos, reciprocating, 10.5 T/hr each, one re-condenser
8Gas engine generators (04 nos. 8.6 MW) for mainstay power 
8LP vertical centrifugal LNG pumps installed in LNG tanks – 401 T/hr
86 nos + 1 HP LNG pumps, 205 t/hr each
8Vaporizer system (ORV for continuous, normal operation and SCV 5+1 nos for intermittent, abnormal operation)
8Flare stack, 80 m high, 60 T/hr
8Metering and sendout facility
8Truck loading facility (4 bays, each equipped wth 3” loading and 3” vapour return line) – 80 m3/hr each
8Firefighting system (3 electric and 6 diesel driven, discharge 850 m3/hr) and fire water reservoir
8Unloading Arms
8Floating pontoon with mixer machine and cranes
8Transit Mixers
The jetty will be used by:
8Multipurpose carriers
8Bulk Carriers
8Crude oil tankers
8Liquid Gas carriers
8Cargo Vessels
8Container ships
8Bulk carriers
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