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Paradip-Patna-Muzzafarpur pipeline: IOC in trouble
Dec 09: IOC seems to have run into serious trouble over the building of the Paradip-Balasur-Haldia-Kalyani-Dugrapur LPG pipeline that will also touch Patna and Muzzarfarpur.
8The PNGRB has taken notice of the complaint by H  Energy Pvt Ltd that IOC has gone ahead with its construction without seeking authorization from the regulator.
8The PNGRB has now constituted a committee under the petroleum secretary to look at the set of confidential documents and communications based on which IOC has claimed that it had the necessary authorizations to go ahead with the pipeline on a captive basis without seeking the approval of the PNGRB.
8Meanwhile, PNGRB has refused to halt ongoing work on the project but has warned that the company does so at its own peril.
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