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Dec 09: Get the latest status of implementation of the BM Lall Committee Report on enhancing safety in the Indian mid-stream and downstream sector
8Get details of the achievements of the petroleum ministry in the last two-and-half years
8Get state-wise LPG connection data released under PMUY as on December 1, 2016
8Find out the pipeline lengths ( in terms of inch-km) laid by different geographical areas until October, 2016
8Get details of natural gas pipelines, their owners, and their capacities along with the lengths
8See the guidelines for selection of manpower service providers for Company Owned Company Operated retail outlets
8Find details of gas consumption through the Piped Natural Gas route as well as total quantum of LNG and LPG imported over the last three years
8Find Basin wise details 2D seismic data acquisition being conducted by ONGC on behalf of the government of India
8Get the latest modification in LPG dealership norms
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