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Revised emission norms for power plants-I: Some investments will be badly impacted
Nov 30: The revised emission norms notified by the ministry of environment for thermal power projects (TPPs) are set to adversely impact operational coal-based capacity of 187 GW and under-development capacity of 74 GW.
8Coal-based power projects are required by the new norms to invest in additional equipment capital expenditure to comply with the revised emission norms which become effective from December, 2017
8It is estimated that this would entail a capital investment of Rs 0.6 crore to Rs 1 crore per MW.
8This in turn is likely to result in an increase in capital cost of generation for these projects by 13 paise to 22 paise per unit, depending on the capex incurred.
8In addition, it is also likely to result in extral O&M costs pertaining to additional equipments installed for complying with the revised emission norms.
8A lot of old power plants will not be able to cope with the new norms.
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