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5 MMTPA LNG terminal: RFQs by February, 2017
Nov 28: Business development opportunity for a 5 MMTPA LNG terminal is coming up
RFQs are to be floated for the following facilities in February, 2017:
8Jetty & Marine Facilities for handling LNG ships [ Marine  Jetty with unloading platform  & unloading arms/flexible hoses; Trestle; and Berthing & mooring dolphins LNG Jetty]
8Full Containment LNG Storage tanks,[ Onshore  Cryogenic pipelines; Storage Tanks ]
8High Pressure LNG Re-gasification facilities [Low pressure Pumps; High pressure Pumps; Vaporizers]
8Boil off  Gas Compressors & Re-condenser,
8Truck loading and small LNG ship loading facilities,
8RLNG and LNG Metering facilities. [Flow control and metering systems; and other utilities]
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