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Small fields round: Small companies still think they can replicate the past
Nov 23: The DGH had  received a total of 134 e-Bids for the 34 contract areas under the Discovered Small Fields (DSF) Bid Round 2016
8This is a big pat on the back for the petroleum ministry as such an enthusiastic response was not expected
8Clearly there are players who want to still replicate the success of Cairn, Reliance, Jubilant, Videocon , Essar and a few others who make it big while starting small.
8Out of the total 134 e-bids received, 120 e-bids were received for onland areas and 14 e-bids were received for offshore areas.
8As many as 42 companies (Individually or as member of the bidding consortium) have participated in the bid round.
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