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IOC's Rs 180,000 crore capex: Some pre-feasibility studies have begun
Nov 10: High profitability has emboldened Indian Oil Corporation to push for a higher capex plan going ahead.
8In the current year, the capex on refineries is pegged at Rs 3400 crore, pipelines Rs 1300 crore, marketing Rs 4800 crore and petrochemicals Rs 1000 crore
8The capex plan over the next five to seven years is significant, at Rs 175000 to 183000 crore.
8In this, refineries will get an allocation of Rs 50000 crore, pipelines  Rs 22000 crore, marketing Rs 40000 crore, E&P around Rs 30000 crore and petrochemicals Rs 29000 crore
8Due diligence and feasibility reports on some of these investments have already begun and business development managers must dig in to find out more
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