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Nov 10: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Item Rate Contract for pipeline and CP Maintenance, Cherlapally Details
8Procurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Transmitters, Visakhapatnam Details
8Supply of Methanol, Pata Details
8Procurement of 4450 MT of Butene for LLDPE/ HDPE unit Details
8Sale of Condensate produced from KG-OSN-2001/3 Offshore Block, Kakinada Details
8Wrapping & coating jobs for inspection of underground Dumad cross country pipelines Details
8Procurement of Hydrogen Gas and Mafron Gas, Digboi Refinery Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:  

8Oil stumbles as Trump stuns markets with White House win Details
8Call for regional gas grid at Agartala energy conference Details
8If petrol pump refuses to accept Rs 500 and Rs 1000, govt. will rescue: Dharmendra Pradhan Details 
8Total says Trump's election will not have an impact on Iran gas deal Details
8European renewable stocks fall on concern Trump will cut support Details
8State oil firms to give away 10 million free cooking gas connections by March Details 
8Experts call for India-B’desh cooperation in Gas Exploration Details
8Carbon emissions reduction: India Inc is already on the job Details
8Tata Motors, Indian Oil, Petronet and petroleum ministry join to launch India's first LNG bus Details
8Fuel consumers can breathe easy as Opec cuts price outlook Details 
8OPEC: ‘Coal is Fuel of Choice for India, China until 2040’ Details
8Scrapping of Rs 500 & Rs 1,000 notes doubles petrol, diesel sales overnight Details
8Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes still valid at fuel outlets: Oil PSUs Details
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