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New technology can change pipeline mapping
Apr 16: The website carries here details of a unique and non-intrusive end-to-end pipeline internal diameter mapping technology that is projected to change how we look at issues connected to corrosion.
8A pulse of pressure is induced in a pipeline by using the operation of a fast-acting valve closure in the flowing line or by the rapid opening and closing of a bleed valve on a blocked line. The valve closure creates a pulse (similar to a fluid hammer effect) that travels through the medium in the pipeline at the speed of sound.
8The magnitude of the pulse and the pressure response of the pipeline from the induced pressure pulse as it travels along the pipeline are measured using a high-fidelity, ultra-high resolution pressure transducer and data logger.
8After processing the data using proprietary algorithms and software, the deposit profile is “mapped.” And defects, if any found.
8A major benefit of the system is that the survey can be used on live pipelines with little or no production disruption. Analysis requires one day under ideal conditions for a preliminary report and a week for final reporting.
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