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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Apr 10: Process Air Compressor Greenfield Project 
8Cost - Rs 347 crore
8Project Event: NIT for LSTK contractor has been released, evaluation is ongoing, finalization is due at the end of April 2019.
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Ammonia-Urea Annual Shutdown Maintenance Project 

8Cost - Rs 20 crore
8Project EventThe annual shutdown of Ammonia - IV plant of Baroda Unit will start from 13th April 2019 for a period of 50 days i.e. till 1st June 2019. Due to this, Urea -II plant will also undergo shutdown due to non-availability of C02 gas which is a by-product of Ammonia-IV plant. Few other connected plants like Caprolactam-I, AS-II, and SA-II will also be stopped for planned maintenance
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