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Will NRL divert North East subsidy to Bangladesh?
Mar 14: Know more about the Siliguri-Parbatpur trans-border product pipeline build by NRL. Only 5 km of the 130 km pipeline is in Indian territory.
8The pipeline is built with a subsidy of Rs 285 crore from the ministry of external affairs.
8It is a dedicated HSD pipeline.
8The issue now is the pricing of HSD to Bangladesh.
8Clearly, if the HSD is entitled to a 50% excise duty relief that NRL elicits from the central excise department for all its production in Numaligarh, and the pipeline is built on the government of India's money, will these factors be taken into account while pricing the product
8Or else, what NRL will do is to use the subsidy given for industrial production in India's North East for subsidizing the sale of diesel to Bangladesh. Click on Reports for more.
Comment: NRL enjoys a 50% excise duty relief on its production of HSD. The relief was given to create industrial opportunities and jobs in the North East. Instead, if it ends up transferring the subsidy to Bangladesh, it will defeat the very purpose for which the excise relief was granted.


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