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Mar 11: 8The NGT has ordered the closure of all coal gasifiers in Morbi, the ceramic industrial cluster in Gujarat. This is a big change and will dramatically change the industry. Gas supply will see a boost of around 2.5 mmscmd, it is projected. Gas usage is expected to go up as such bans become the norm across the country. Click on Reports for more.
8Find out more on how Johnson Matthey has built its global expertise on hydrogen production. Click on Reports for more.
8Self Drilling has rigs deployed in India: Find out their cost economics. Click on Reports for more.
8Battery operated electric vehicles (BEVs) are the apt and the only solution that would pervade all forms of mobility, or is there a case for hybrids and can fuel cells be a realistic long-term solution to the challenges associated with BEVs and hybrids? Then again, will the evolution of EVs in India be in line with global trends or will players in the EV ecosystem have to adapt their offerings to suit the expectations of Indian customers. Click on Reports for more.
8What kind of the plastic waste policy should India follow. Here is an example it can imitate. Click on Reports for more.
8Combining heat with power: A Sleeping Giant May Be Waking. Click on Reports for more.
8Get a full list of LNG liquefaction projects hoping to reach FID1 in 2019 and the kind of technology they are going to use. What about the Mozambique LNG project, in which the trip of BPCL, OIL and ONGC are fully involved? What is the current activity level in the project? Click on Reports for more.
8GST revenue uncertainty: The looming threat ahead. Click on Reports for more.


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