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Shipping industry updates
Mar 05: 8There has been a lot of buying and selling activity in the crude oil tanker business of late.
 - A large number of sales are expected shortly.Click on Reports for more
8Get a complete update on the global ship breaking industry and where it is headed. Click on Reports for more
8Most shippers are installing scrubbers to part of their fleet to build up step by step knowledge. Scrubber installation has led many to believe that “early movers will make a scrubber profit” while “late movers will make a scrubber saving”. Last but not least, many ship-owners that have their vessels on long time charters have considered the option to include a clause in their charter parties, for charterers requesting a scrubber vessel, to pay for it through hire agreement.Click on Reports for more
 8With the IMO 2020 approaching, it becomes challenging for the market to accurately explore the run-up to the deadline given that marine fuel-oil of0.5% sulphur content does not yet exist physically nor financially. Thus, there is technical and financial planning to be involved for a shipping company.Click on Reports for more
 8Demand for methanol is expected to grow sharply in the shipping industry, if the IMO were to tweak its regulations.
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