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LNG updates
Mar 05: 8Low LNG prices in the midst of an oversupply position seems to be deterring FIDs for new LNG projects. Many LNG projects have missed their deadlines, some are in fact facing cancellations. Click on Reports for more
8Bearish prices are not just due to a glut in LNG but also because of a sharp increase in gas pipeline capacity and delivery. Also, in December, an incremental 43 bcm/y of gas capacity increase materialised (or an added 1% of total yearly supply in just a month or a whopping 15% on an annual basis) at a time when seasonal demand in Asia and Europe did not pick up due to above normal temperatures. Click on Reports for more
8Meanwhile, domestic natural gas production from existing or already discovered fields in India is expected to increase to around 130 MMSCMD by FY2022 and 147 MMSCMD by FY2027 whereas the gas demand will rise to around 290 MMSCMD by FY2025 from the current demand potential of more than 230 MMSCMD. Accordingly, the outlook for LNG demand remains ffavorabledue to a widening domestic gas deficit. Click on Reports for more
8India's regas capacity can double in five years. Click on Reports for more
8Find out the story behind how NOVATEK has emerged as the new major player on global LNG market. Click on Reports for more


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