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North East-I: BJP on hyperactive drive
Jan 11: The North East is today being subject to high pressure policy and polictics from the BJP government at the centre
8On the political front, the introduction of the National Register Citizenship, the Citizenship Amendment Act and the providing of SC/ST status to five large OBC groups have created massive social turmoil in the region.
8The government is now doing some heavy lifting on the economic front, by trying to push through the Rs 20,000 crore Numaligarh refinery and a Rs 10,000 crore, 1400 km gas grid that will connect the state capitals of the North East. Both these projects are not viable on a standalone basis. The refinery will need excise duty relief and capital support while the cost of unsubsidized delivered gas from the Indradhanush Gas Grid will be too high to be economically sustainable
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