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Power projects: Know more about RFQs coming up
Jan 09: Project Name: Super Thermal Power Greenfield Project
8Project Cost: 15000 crore
8Project Description: National Thermal Power Corporation's 1980 MW (3x660 MW) greenfield super thermal power project in Chatra, Jharkhand is facing a time overrun of one year due to delay in land handover by NTPC to the EPC contractor
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Project Name: Thermal Power Station Addition Project Stage - II
8Project Cost: 180 crores
8Project Description: The RFQs for ash water re-circulation package of 2x195 MW thermal power project is on hold due to approval pending from headquarters on account of a dispute over the acquisition of additional land
8Project Event: RFQ for an ash water re-circulation package is expected by the Q3 2019.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1:2018
8RFQ Date: Q3:2019
8Release Date: Q3:2019
8Start Date: 2020
8Completion Date: 2021
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