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Jan 07: 8The Norwegian government and companies are making a big push into the Indian oil & gas and energy sector, find out more click on Report.
8EV sales are going up dramatically in the US. Click on Report for more.
8Oil India's standard G&G software licence is running out as the developer has made it clear that they will no longer support the product. The company is now looking to migrating to other platforms.Click on Report for more.
8Get the latest Indian notices to mariners here click on Report.
8Late in 2018, China issued a raft of additional refined product export quotas to cope with a domestic oversupply of fuel. These additional volumes were partly responsible for the strength of the Asian product tanker market towards the end of 2018 and the persistent weakness in the Asian oil products markets. For many, the question is therefore: what will Chinese refined product export volumes look like in 2019, and can they help sustain the regional product tanker market? Click on Report for more.
8The fertilizer sector is one of the largest consumers of gas in the country. It is driven by complex subsidy driven systems. Here is a full template on how the fertilizer sector operates. Click on Report for more.
8An oil collection station and a Group gathering station are coming up in Assam. Ordering is currently on. Know more click on Report.
8Everyone is talking about of four automotive trends that are foundational to the future of mobility -- vehicle autonomy, electrification, connectivity, and shared transportation. There is more hype than reality in these trends just now, a new report seems to claim.Click on Report for more.
8Why are a large number of solar tenders getting canceled? Click on Report for more.
8The Chinese solar industry is going through massive turmoil as the leadership begins withdrawing subsidies from the sector. Find out what lies ahead, and what are the lessons for India.Click on Report for more.


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