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GAIL's plea for uniform HBJ tariff-I: Many new consumers will welcome it
Dec 05: There are many reasons why GAIL's plea for a uniform tariff, particularly when it comes to considering the Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishput (HBJ) and the subsequent Gas Rehabilitation and Expansion Plan (GREP, which expanded the capacity of the HBJ pipeline along with a new 36-inch pipeline from Vijaipur to Dadri, along with the HBJ-GREP Upgradation Plan, involving the installation of parallel lines from Vijaipur to Dadri and Dahej-Vijaipur, as a single pipeline network, makes sense for one set of customers and not to others.
8Find out how new gas consumers, including those dependent entirely on LNG will be better off from a single tariff on this pipeline network and by how much
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