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Affordability of LPG by rural households: A more differentiated subsidy regime needed
Dec 04: An independent survey has confirmed an increase not only in LPG connections but also in its use as the primary as well as exclusive cooking fuel since 2015.
8However, in spite of these improvements, most households continue to use traditional biomass (alone or with LPG) due to the high recurring cost of LPG and the availability of free-of-cost biomass. When this happens, the potential health gains of using LPG cannot be achieved as there is continued exposure to dangerous levels of indoor air pollution.
8Home delivery of LPG, though improved, remains a challenge; reportedly less than 50 per cent of LPG-using households in all the surveyed states, barring West Bengal, receive their LPG cylinders at home. As
8Affordability (recurring cost of LPG) continues to emerge as a concern across all LPG-using households.
8And this necessitates a targeted approach that includes differentiated support for households considering their ability to pay for the clean cooking fuel.
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