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Dec 04: 8The Adanis are going full steam ahead with the controversial Carmichael coal mine in Australia. Click on Report for more.
8LNG imports to produce power makes more economic sense for Pakistan than India but the use of LNG is causing a different kind of crisis in the refining sector for our neoghbour.Click on Report for more.
8What kind of shale oil and gas reserves are available in the Cambay Basin? Get a full analysis of what is in store.Click on Report for more.
8LPG prices have been revised downwards. Know more click on Report.
8Another Canadian LNG project is likely to get to FID stage. LNG cargoes from the terminal will take 17 days to reach India.Click on Report for more.
8GEECL's reserves go up by an eyebrow-raising multiple in the Raniganj Block within just one year. Is it necessary to take such claims with a grain of salt?Click on Report for more.
8Kolkata has some advantages that other cities do not have: A high public transport usage ratio, big pedestrian footprint and a compact urban area. A new plant to bring down air pollution may end up working better in Kolkata than in any other city in the country. Know more click on Report.
8Despite the robust supply growth currently coming on-line in global LNG markets over the near-term, the outlook for liquefaction capacity over the medium-term is starting to appear tight. Know more click on Report.
8L&T Group: Know more why there is a bull run ahead for it. Click on Report for more.
8The use of composites is picking up speed in the oil & gas industry, know more click on Report.
8One European country, strong in offshore wind, is pushing its companies to India. For all those offshore oil & gas serice companies, here is a forthcoming interaction coming up, which may allow for opportunities to pick up some collaborations which will become handy in the years ahead.Click on Report for more.
8Get details of on IT company, outside the big companies, who have made big inroads into oil & gas sector work globally. It recently designed an acoustic downhole transmitter, a design pressure test cell for equipment testing and a complete redesign of a drilling communication skid. Know more click on Report.
8Global upstream investment cost index has started looking upwards. Know more click on Report.


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