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Rs 3500 crore Greenfield Crude Oil Terminal Project: RFQs ahead
Dec 04: 8Project Name: Greenfield Crude Oil Terminal Project
8Project Cost: Rs 3480 crore
8Project Description: The owner is planning to install a sub-sea pipeline from Single Point Mooring (SPM) to Crude Oil Terminal (COT) and shore connecting facilities. The total length of the crude oil pipeline is 530 Km. Moreover, they are also planning to install a crude oil terminal with a capacity of 840000 cubic meters per annum. PFR has been prepared by using in-house resources. Further RFQs are expected soon.
8Project Event: RFQ for the surveying work is expected by January 2019.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2018
8RFQ Date: Jan/2019
8Release Date: Feb/2019
8Start Date: Q3:2019
8Completion Date: Q3:2021
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