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Australia's LNG relationship with India: Know more
Mar 09: Australia is starting up another $24 billion of LNG of projects. Commissioning dates are spread throughout 2018 and 2019
8The avalanche of fresh LNG will mean that promoters will have to target India as well and not just China, Korea and Japan.
8Australia has a geographical advantage over the US in terms of distance to India. The expansion of the Panama Canal, completed in late-June 2016, means that most LNG tankers can now pass through, providing a shorter trade route for LNG exports from the USA to Asian customers. However, shipping to Asian customers from the US Gulf Coast still takes more than
twice the time of shipping from Western Australia.
8India is still a small consumer of Australian LNG so far, in relation to China and Japan.
8Find out more on LNG developments in Australia and how India figures prominently in them
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