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First holistic survey on on energy subsidies: Many lessons to learn
Jan 03: The first every study of how subsidies pan out in the Indian energy sector is out.
8While subsidies have come down in the petroleum products, it has gone up in the transmission and distribution sector.
8Subsidy on renewable energy is up but not by as much as was expected.
8Coal subsidies have remained stagnant
8Overall, the scale of support to fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) has remained more significant than subsidies to renewables
8So what does the survey help in doing?
8In targeting subsidies better, making them more transparent
8What is more, worldwide best practices in targeting subsidies better are documented with recommendations on what India should do.
8China and Indonesia, India’s largest peers in Asia and fellow members of the G20, have both opted for self-reports and peer reviews of fossil fuel subsidies as a first step and practical tool to phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies
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