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Petroleum coke market in India: What is really going on?
Dec 18: What really is going in with the petroleum coke market in India?
8Given India's massive import volumes, coke prices are reacting negatively to news of banning of use of coke in Gujarat and the NCR. What are the current price lines and what are the projections?
8Find out more on how new norms are squeezing out traders from the Indian market
8Find out more on how weak domestic demand is forcing Indian producers to cut prices and look abroad
8Instead of an outright ban on coke imports, Indian policy makers are looking at other ways of curbing imports. Find out more
8Will the government allow petroleum coke use as a feedstock rather than as a fuel?
8Find out more on how RIL's coke gasifier start-up complicate plans for an import ban
8Also know more about how the coke ban is pushing up coal demand in India?
8Find out more on IOC's Rs 20,000 crore coke gasification plan. How will coke demand-supply work in this context, and where is IOC going to source its coke for its giant plans?
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