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China's proliferating distributed energy system network-III: Increasing attention towards power-to-gas projects
Nov 28: There is also increasing attention in China about developing gas from electricity
8China is looking to Germany for technology.
8German companies are developing power-to-gas projects to test innovative approaches to using electricity, which may be supplied from renewable energy sources.
8Currently, a German company has two power-to-gas pilot projects ongoing. Both projects generate hydrogen by means of electrolysis. In general, the hydrogen can be either directly used for industrial uses and transport or combined with CO2 to produce methane, a fuel for power generation, heat supply and mobility
8In addition to the two pilot projects, another German company is collaboration with an oil major is examining the technical and economic feasibility of power-to-gas processes for use in refinery systems.
8Another company has developed a plant that is able to produce up to 360 m3 per hour of hydrogen from wind power (2 MW) through alkaline electrolysis.
8The hydrogen is then fed into the natural gas pipeline.
8When renewable energy drives electrolysis, this is effectively storing and transporting renewable energy.
8Demonstration projects are on to show renewable energy could be stored within the natural gas grid as the generated hydrogen is transported via pipeline to a connection point of the grid, where it is injected into a high-pressure transmission pipeline.
8This project shows that power generation can be decoupled from consumption to make it available as hydrogen or methane to other sectors including transport, industry and heat.
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