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Refining capacity can be under threat-II: Electric cars are become cost effective
Nov 07: It is already a well known fact that electric two wheelers and even three wheelers have already become effective in comparison to their fossil-fuel run counterparts. 
8The total cost of ownership (TCO) of an electric scooter is 22% lower than petrol-run scooter used for commercial purposes despite a higher acquisition cost due to low maintenance and comparatively very low fuel/electricity cost.
8More importantly, however, latest calculations show that cost dynamics of running an electric four wheeler or an electric passenger vehicle (EV) for commercial purposes, with a high vehicle utilization, are quite favorable when compared to internal combustion vehicles. 
8After the implementation of BS-VI emission norms in 2020, petrol and diesel passenger vehicles are expected to get pricier by 8%-15%, which will further reduce the differential between ICE vehicles and EVs, making electric cars viable for adoption by retail customers as well.
8Also find out how viability can be attained for electric buses as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles
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