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Survey shows poor can't afford LPG-I: Nails OMCs' lie
Nov 01: The largest ever government-sponsored field study on LPG coverage across India has come out with a startling set of facts:
8Bulk of the rural poor access a lot of free fuel such firewood and cow dung to keep the kitchen fires burning
8A lot of them find the initial cost of acquiring LPG and the renewal cost to be far too high
8Then again, all of them say that the distribution infrastructure is not in place to ensure time refills.
8The point to note is that the poor in India cannot afford LPG even at current subsidized prices
8Subsidies have to be raised further, instead of bringing them down. That is the startling truth.
8The survey also nails the lie that the oil marketing companies have adequate distribution infrastructure in place.
8These findings fly against the government's assertion that it will be able to eventually universalize LPG cover across its vast population.
8It will not happen soon. Not in the way it is planned and implemented today.
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