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New oil & gas narrative-I: Global warming cannot be stopped with current tools
Oct 24: The oil & gas narrative continues to change very rapidly in the midst of high volatility, rapid climate change and the advent of disruptive technology.
8For the oil & gas planner, it is imperative to stay focused on the latest developments.
8The new narrative now seems to suggest that the world will need to go beyond solar and wind energy to solve its energy dilemma, which is to provide energy security amidst global warming.
8The new data shows that the domination of fossil fuels will not go away with the introduction of electric cars and conventional renewable energy given the voracious appetite for energy now emerging from the developing world even as energy demand comes down in developed countries.
8Fresh research shows that gas is going to be the most dominant fuel by 2050, overwhelming both crude and coal. In this context, the ONGC and RIL-BP investments in the KG Basin are astutely timed for now.
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