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Indian lobbyists can learn a few lessons from their American counterparts
Oct 23: Find out more about how the Amercian coal lobby is fighting back to ensure that it still continues to remain viable
8A study has been commissioned that shows the US as saving $114 billion per year in electricity costs, lowering the average retail price of power by 27%.
8The lobby is arguing that potentially higher prices could lead to a loss of 1 million jobs within 3 years, a loss of $158 billion in US GDP within 3 years and a loss of up to $845 per year in income for every U.S. household.
8Lobbies are extremely effective in the US not just because the entire exercise is better structured than in countries such as India but also because they back up their demands with solid data
8That is not the case in India. Research is usually sloppy and so is the presentation. Most Indian lobbies are also badly under-funded.
8There is a lot to learn from how US lobbies commission reports and present information.
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