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Oct 13: 8India coal imports have been falling in the last few years but they are likely to swing upwards from 2019. Find out why. Click on Report for more.
8Australian will find it increasingly difficult to sign long term LNG contracts with India but the Indian spot market holds opportunities and find out why. Click on Report for more.
8Saudi Arabia has declared that it will curb November crude oil exports by 7% or 560,000 barrels but as prices rise, US shale producers are ramping up supplies. Click on Report for more.
8A new business development opportunity is coming up in a multi-product Rs 1500 crore pipeline project in India. Click on Report for more.
8Will renewable energy based cooking replace LPG in India? Take part in a discussion on the topic. Click on Report for more.
8A new 1800 crore production pipeline extension is coming up with additional pumping stations in India. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on an Indian market leader on Bio-ethanol facilities, Brewery plants, Water & Wastewater treatment systems, Critical Process Equipment & Systems, Hipurity solutions and Bio-products. Click on Report for more.
8Take a workshop to under the basic concept of Risk-Based Inspection and the basis for the API 580 RBI program and its methodology. Click on Report for more.
8India in the context of International Maritime law and arbitration. Learn more. Click on Report.
8Intense subsidy-based coal to gas switching in China that has lead to a surge in demand for LNG is coming to an end and this will have serious implications for the global LNG market. Then again, gas-to-power and transport have been touted as potential growth drivers for gas demand in China, but gas-fired power generation is still hobbled by weak economics.Click on Report for more.
8While gas based power projects are not viable in India, they seem to be in Pakistan. China Machinery Engineering Corp. signed an agreement on Friday with the government of Pakistan’s Punjab province to build a 1.26 GW gas-fired power plant in the city of Jhang. What kind of economics is driving gas based power projects n China?Click on Report for more.
8If you are looking for LNG solutions, including setting up terminals in India, here is an international LNG portfolio company that you must get in touch with. Click on Report for more.


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