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Tanker market: Too many variables
Oct 12: With the majority of second-hand tonnage transactions taking place in the dry bulk sector it’s easy to lose sight of what is happening over at the tanker side and for a good reason. Things have been mostly quiet for the last seven months with the exception of short periods of increased activity during the summer months.
8The tanker market has evolved into a market that requires fast reflexes. Cycles are becoming shorter, usually lasting 16 to 18 months, thus creating a sense of uncertainty as far as when to off load a respective asset or invest in tonnage.
8Taking into consideration that tankers assets are depreciated differently compared to bulkers and how oil majors can influence trends as far as buying, selling and contracting tonnage, it is very common to witness price iregularities on the transactions within the same time period.
8Electric cars, MGO regulations, developing economies, clean and renewable energy policies and last but not least the “Paris climate Accord”, all play a part on the everlasting and ongoing discussion of what the influence on tanker demand and supply will be.
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