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The hydrogen revolution-II: Will it be gas or renewables?
Oct 06: A lot of how the cost of hydrogen would develop will depend upon what kind of fuel source that is used.
8Hydrogen can be made using gas for steam reforming or through normal power through the electrolysis route.
8If renewable energy is used as a source of power, then greenhouse emission levels can in fact be nil.
8Also if the cost of renewable energy used to make hydrogen comes down, as it can during the day, the eventual cost of manufacturing hydrogen can be even lower, at $3/kg
8Not just that, hydrogen can also be a power storage fuel for renewable energy, thereby enhancing the uptake of renewables on the grid. Hydrogen fueling stations could then provide energy storage and revenue for grid utilities.
8The point to note is that even if gas is used as fuel, the lifecycle carbon emission levels are lower than conventional cars.
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