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Software updates: Power projects
Aug 21: Project Name: Luhri Stage III Greenfield Hydroelectric Power Station
8Project Cost: Rs 2911.85 crore
8Project Description: SJVN Ltd is planning to construct a 355 MW hydroelectric power station, namely the Sunni Dam (Luhri HEP Stage III), in village Khaira in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The plant will have 6 Francis turbines for the 4*67.4 MW Main Unit and the accompanying 1*67.4 & 1*18 MW Auxillary Unit. This project has been granted TOR on June 29, 2017. Major requirements are construction equipment such as cranes, TBM (tunnel boring machine), six Francic turbines, pressure shafts, six radial gates, turbine-generator, control equipment, substation, transmission lines among others. At present bidding is on for EIA consultant and Civil survey work (setting up permanent benchmarks). Geological surveys are to be conducted next.
8Project Event: RFQ for geological surveys is expected to be out in October.
8Expenditure Approval: Jan/2015
8RFQ Date: Oct/2017
8Release Date: Dec/2017
8Start Date: Apr/2020
8Completion Date: Nov/2023
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