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Renewable energy in India-I: A sharp fall in solar power tariff will hurt the LNG industry
Aug 17: Solar power developers in India expects the tariff rate to come down to as low as Rs 1.50 per unit on falling equipment cost and cheaper credit with assured purchase pacts.
8Last month, solar tariff dropped to Rs 2.44 per unit in an auction conducted for the Bhadla solar park.
8The new tariff is below the average rate of coal-based power produced by state-run NTPC, at Rs 3.30 per unit.
8It is now expected that renewable power capacity will surpass thermal power capacity by 2022.
8In this context, it is clear that gas based power plants are going to be an anomaly as they are based on high cost imported LNG unless they are used as peaking load stations to take care of variable solar power supply
8Given that a massive volume of offshore gas is coming on stream beginning 2019 onwards, LNG demand may come down unless overall gas demand picks up from the non-power segments of the Indian economy.
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