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Our project software-I: For us, a contact list is more than what meets the eye
Aug 14:  A contact list usually conjures up the image of a directory in which names, designations and the companies are available. But for is a contact list is much more than that.
8For us however it is a lot more more than that.
8A contact list is one of our most effective business development tools for a manager. And it is a dynamic phone validated tool that keeps changing ever so often as people get posted in or out of key designations. 
8We go to extraordinary lengths to give you at least 5 to 8 key contacts within each company, facility and unit or project. And these are not just people in a company but people who are directly responsible for giving out business.
8Then again, the onus of implementing a project moves from an owner to the contractor, and we shift our focus accordingly, giving you a list of phone validated contact numbers for every contractor associated with a project because we know that these contractors in turn will give our sub-contracts which you may be interested in.
8We understand that striking a deal is all about building relationships with the right people at the right time.
8So not everyone figures in our contact list. We pick and chose departmental heads who you can talk business with.
Among the departments that we keep track of within a given industrial facility are: 
8Facility in-charge 
8Purchase in-charge
8Engineering in-charge
8Projects in-charge
8Logistics in-charge
8HSE in-charge
8IT in-charge
8We also have contact lists within every unit and a facility. There is an independent contact list too for the company or for headquarters.
8A Google map will provide you the exact location where the contact is situated
We know that a valid contact list within a running project is of paramount importance for you. 
We give you the right onsite names of the:
8Manager representing the owner
8Manager representing the EPC or PMC contractor
8Manager representing the various sub contractors in the project
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