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Software updates: Oil & gas projects
Aug 07: Project: Brownfield LPG Bottling Plant Expansion
Cost: 100 Crore
Project Description: An OMC is planning to expand its LPG bottling plant capacity from 1000 MT to 2500 MT by constructing new 3 X 500 MT mounded storage vessels. Environmental clearance was granted by June, 2017. Major equipment required are: reciprocating horizontal type compressors, reciprocating vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps, pressure vessels, remote control valves, level gauges, ultrasonic valve cleaning machines, flanges, pipes.
Project Event: RFQs for procuring long lead items are expected by August, 2017.
Expenditure Approval: Q1:2017
RFQ Date: Aug/2017
Release Date: Sep/2017
Start Date: Q4:2017
Completion Date: Q3:2019
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Project name: Effluent treatment plant in an E&P installation
Cost: 20.94 Crore
Project Description: The owner has proposed the construction of an effluent treatment plant of 100 cubic metre capacity. The ETP would be connected with the existing Gas Collecting Station. Following facilities are proposed to be developed in this project: Inlet Storage Tanks, Filter feed Tanks, Treated water Tanks, Corrugated plate interceptor, Multimedia filters, Fine filters, Centrifuge, PW Unloading pumps, CPI feed pumps, Filter backwash pumps, TW injection pumps, Chemical dosing pumps/tanks, Nitrogen Generator, Control Room building, Various pump sheds, Floating Skimmer with Internal Hose. The selection of an LSTK contractor has been delayed against a tender that was taken out in January 2017. Selection will take another 3 months.
Project Event: Further RFQs are expected in upcoming months.
Expenditure Approval: Q1:2016
RFQ Date: Q1:2018
Release Date: Q1:2018
Start Date: Mar/2018
Completion Date: May/2019
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