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LNG faces headwinds in India-I: Bleak outlook
Aug 04: LNG imports are likely to face headwinds going ahead
8A surge in domestic gas production is just one of the factors
8Around 18 mmscmd of LNG is likely to be displaced as RIL's petcoke gasification unit comes on stream, coupled with ethane imports by RIL
8The discontinuance of power pooling, a major demand driver earlier, is another factor.
8A clutch of fertilizer plants is likely to come on stream by 2020 but that may not be able to keep LNG demand up in the face of rising domestic production.
8Liquid fuels, spurred by low crude prices, can continue to replace domestic demand in dual feed industrial furnaces around the country.
8Cumulative domestic production increase will be around 60 mmscmd over 2022.
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