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Reliance awards key R-Series subsea package: More contracts likely very soon
Aug 03: 8Reliance awards key R-Series subsea package
-- OneSubsea offers 'competitive' price to beat the competition and lift contract for work on deep-water gas development off India's east coast, according to sources.
-- They added that several other major contracts related to the R-Series development are expected to be awarded within the next week or two weeks.
8BP has been working hard to improve margins: New projects should deliver on average 35% better operating cash margins compared to the base portfolio in 2015 and around 20%, on average, lower development costs. In 2017,  unit production costs to be more than 40% lower than in 2013. Around 75% of these cost reductions are from efficiency, so these should be sustainable in the longer term. Can ONGC use these parameters as some kind of a yardstick to benchmark their own performance. Click on Report for more.
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