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Diesel market under threat-II: The going is good for now
Jul 21: Even as renewable energy emerges as a looming threat, the going is going to be good for the diesel generation set manufacturers for now.
8The diesel gen set growth will be at10% CAGR over FY17-20 after a subdued FY13-17, when industry volumes declined at a compounded annual rate of 5% (primarily due to a sharp fall in sales for telecom towers)
8The demand will be driven by higher volumes in the mid/high horse power (HP) segment; demand for low HP products is likely to remain subdued.
8Key end markets that are seeing a revival are Infrastructure (Roads, Metro Rail, Railways), Commercial (IT/ITES, Data Centers, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions), and Manufacturing (Pharmaceuticals, Automotive).
8Interestingly, less than 15% of the demand for DG sets is for prime power and 85-90% of the DG market is for backup power -- this implies that despite low power deficits, the need for DG sets would continue on account of insecurity of grid supply.
8Find out more on where various gen set manufacturers are placed in taking advantage of the booming markets ahead.
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