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Naming and shaming-III: Where do Indian companies stand?
Jul 18: Should Indian oil & gas companies also build a 2D compatibility model?
8The problem with 2D compatibility is that it is blind to demand for fossil fuels.
8If gas from the KG Basin discoveries -- present and future -- can find a market and a price, why should Indian companies defer such investments?
8The underlying assumption is that there will be a steep carbon tax, which makes use of renewables cheaper.
8The climate change lobby also treats gas assets differently than oil, because of the smaller carbon footprint of the former.
8Eventually however all oil companies much attune in-house talent to do a 2D scenario analysis and keep contingency plans ready.
8If global demand for fossil fuels was to come down dramatically as is now projected, cheaper Middle Eastern oil and gas can plug the gap in India rather than high-cost domestic production
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