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Jul 12: 8India's IOC strikes first US crude import deal, buys 1.6 million barrels of Mars grade oil.Click on Report for more.
8IndianOil and LanzaTech sign a Statement of Intent to Construct World's First Refinery Off Gas-to-Bioethanol Production Facility in India.Click on Report for more.
8Are diesel driven cars facing an identify crisis? Can they cope with the rapid changes in technology?Click on Report for more.
8India ethylene supply and demand balance, 2012-21, along with India current and future steam cracker capacity, and 2017 ethylene company balance.Click on Report for more.
8Around Rs 50,000 crore is going to be pumped into Eastern India, centered around the Dhamra LNG terminal.Click on Report for more.
8In an attempt to curb its rapidly growing dependence on coal imports, Beijing is rewriting the rules for the dry bulk market by restricting the number of ports.Click on Report for more.
8Adani Gas Ltd: Riding on captive infrastructure and exclusivity contracts.
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